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Bristol-based French violinist Claire Northey has been stirring up the electronic music scene with her loops, beats and vocals. Although hard to box into any one genre, Claire’s style lands between trip-hop and world music, inspired by her time living in Egypt. These Arabic and Eastern influences can be heard in her sound, along with her desire to improvise and layer the same melody in unison to create a powerful impact.

In 2015, Claire joined  DJ Yoda and The Breakfast of Champions as a writer/collaborator. Their LP won album of the day on BBC Radio 6 and the project toured the UK at venues and festivals such as Kentish Town Forum, Camden Jazz Cafe, Glastonbury, Bestival and Boomtown. Claire since has graced more festivals including Kendall Calling and Submerge as well as many venues in her former hometown Manchester and Bristol.

Claire’s classical routes make up a big part of her personality as an electronic musician. She has been playing violin for 17 years and for the past 12 has been experimenting with loop pedalling, mastering and manipulating the art of playing the instrument. One of Claire’s unique talents is in her ability to tell stories through her music, something that she attributes to her passion for theatre, which she gained from writing for productions in France, Egypt and Morocco.

Joining the CHK One Label as their first signed artist, Claire is starting her future as she means to go on. Working hard in the studio alongside an incredible team, her album has now completed production and is ready for release early this year. As crowds have experienced, her live performances are equally as captivating as her recordings. With her ability to construct a mini orchestra with her tender voice – this is looped violin beats like you’ve never heard before.



Claire Northey - Mavromati on CHK One

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The musical highlight of the evening is undoubtedly Claire Northey. A classically-trained violinist, Northey uses a loop machine to stretch expectations of what a violin can do. Drawing on Balkan and North African melodies as well has her background playing in metal bands as a teenager, the sounds she produces are both sublime and abrasive, set jarringly against her sugary vocals.
— Bristol 24/7
Humble and innovative, Northey utilised the many textures of her violin to re-mould this traditionally classic instrument. The result was delicate yet powerful.
— Cone Magazine
As far away from Western pop tradition as you can get, her jazz/ folk odysseys weave playfully between trip-hop, Eastern European and Arabic influences... For fans of Bjork, Ennio Morricone and Zero 7.
— Manchester Evening News

Chk one

CHK One is an electronic record label based in Bristol. We record and film artists making music, sign artists and record albums. In short, we document and inspire musicians all over the world.

CHK One started with the birth of live electronic open mic sessions, which launched in May 2016. The night quickly became one of the most popular events in Bristol and firmly established its place as the leading platform to see the latest in cutting edge electronic music. Now established as a brand and a record label, 2017 sees the launch of the label’s first album under our first signed artist: Claire Northey.

We are renowned for showcasing live electronic performances using equipment such as Ableton, Maschine, Launchpads, Loopstations and Akai MPCs.

Artists who have performed for CHK One include Claire Northey, OSMO, Panther Panther, Kawika Sound, Ile Flottante, Bassdrummer, E^JWT, Percy Filth, Tetrahex and Auxx of BBC Introducing fame.




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