"Mavromati" was released April 22nd 2017 in Bristol by label CHK ONE. 

Music and lyrics from Claire Northey (all tracks) and Nick Oakley (Look, it's sleeping!, So close, The Moon, Mavromati) except for Dear Friend (Paul McCartney) 
Violin, vocals: Claire Northey. 
Trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals: Nick Oakley. 
Recorded at New cut studios by Scot McKenzie, September 2016. 
Artwork: Nawel Benziane. 
Layout: Jessica Reid. 
Photography: Spudd Connor.

“The musical highlight of the evening is undoubtedly Claire Northey. A classically-trained violinist, Northey uses a loop machine to stretch expectations of what a violin can do. Drawing on Balkan and North African melodies as well has her background playing in metal bands as a teenager, the sounds she produces are both sublime and abrasive, set jarringly against her sugary vocals.

— Bristol 24/7

“Humble and innovative, Northey utilised the many textures of her violin to re-mould this traditionally classic instrument. The result was delicate yet powerful.

— Cone Magazine

“As far away from Western pop tradition as you can get, her jazz/ folk odysseys weave playfully between trip-hop, Eastern European and Arabic influences... For fans of Bjork, Ennio Morricone and Zero 7.

— Manchester Evening News